May 23, 2017

[BLOG] Mountain high. Exige V6 Cup in the Alps.

Taking a fully FIA compliant road-legal race car nearly 3000 miles across the Alps in 7 days. Best idea ever? Or would it start to wear a bit thin? The plan was to drive to the Austrian GP and back taking 5 days to get there and 2 days to get back. For company I had a 2012 Nissan GTR - a fascinating heavyweight, high-tech, 542bhp counter-point to the flyweight purity of the Exige. My best guess was that the V6 Cup would repay any motorway discomfort with interest when we got to the alpine passes. Having done a similar trip across the Alps in my Elise Sports Racer … [Read more...]

[BLOG] 12 month with a Lotus Exige Cup

TLF regular Jonny Pittard has owned this Motorsport Green Exige Cup for 12 months now and has taken the time to produce an excellent video blog detailing his experiences with the car. There's some excellent footage including several sessions on track, the cars natural habitat, including some 'opposite lock' moments on a wet day at Silverstone and even more on a wetter track day at Donington, good fun! Jonny has also recently completed a European tour in his Cup covering 2,800 miles to Austria and we'll be sharing that video so check back soon and make sure you … [Read more...]

Pride & Joy: 1981 Lotus Turbo Esprit

This months’ featured car is a very special and very early Turbo Esprit that has been the subject of much discussion and debate over the past few months since coming in to the ownership of Jonny Pittard, aka “The Pits” on the forums. I was chatting to Jonny at the recent Mercedes Benz World meeting, in my role, along with “Bazza”, as a concours judge. During the course of the conversation, it slowly dawned on me that I actually knew the car, having been asked to facilitate its’ sale for a previous owner, some three years ago. To my delight, I was, therefore, able to … [Read more...]

Chromed… The World’s shiniest Lotus Esprit

Some people just aren't happy when their car is cleaned, polished and waxed to what we'd call a mirror shine, they take it to the next level. Esprit owner Jamie Garroch (JamieG) of Reading, Berks, UK was one such mirror perfectionist and has had his car wrapped in chrome vinyl. In steps TLF photographer extraordinaire Malcolm Feth of for a photoshoot and all we can say is "Wow". Jamie: OK,  it's more than a cliché but like many Esprit owners, I grew up in the 70's and 80's and was influenced by the Bond films.  I'd always wanted the Esprit … [Read more...]

[BLOG] 8 years with a Lotus Esprit V8…

Rob, long term TLF member and Welshman who lives and works in Zurich recounts 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership. After nearly 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership, the time has finally come to move on… and I have to say I'm sad, really sad. It seems that Esprit ownership is different for everybody. Some live a nightmare, while other live their dream. There are many lemons out there, but there are also many outstanding cars… and mine was, and still is, simply outstanding. So before my Esprit and I part company, I wanted to provide the community (and potential future … [Read more...]

MY12 Evora – First impressions

Lotus's longest established dealership, Bell & Colvill opened the doors of their showroom for 2 days recently to allow potential customers the chance to get close to the MY12 Evora in both manual and IPS variants and try for themselves the updated and improved car. With the Evora model now having been available for over two and a half years Lotus have put in place a number of improvements as outlined in our recent 'Evora Reloaded' article, all aimed at bringing the quality of the car higher with the focus on driver engagement and involvement. TLF are swapping … [Read more...]

Lotus in Le Mans (Part IV): Et fini

The final 6 hours of the race are very exciting at the head of the pack with the lead 2 cars more often than not within 15 seconds of each other and at times the Peugeot even got close enough to threaten the Audi for overall lead. Even with 3 hours to go and rain giving the drivers something to think about the race was certainly not over. Down to less than 30 cars, almost half of the starters are out and the garage shutters are pulled down as the cars retire, almost in mourning but the Lotus Jetalliance car is carrying on as expected. No-one is patting their backs yet, … [Read more...]

Lotus in Le Mans (Part III): Into the night…

  Le Mans is a race, it’s about the race but for most visitors, it’s also a social event and time to enjoy the pinnacle of GT motorsport with pals over a beer as the sun sets and the cars just don’t slow down! Thousands of people visit the track and camp out, some arriving a week beforehand to enjoy the weather and other attractions Le Mans has to offer with plenty of live gigs, support races, qualifying and other fun to be had. Some of the campers take this part more seriously than others, so far I’ve seen a 4-poster bed in gazebo, a panel van with a … [Read more...]

Lotus in Le Mans (Part II): And they’re off!

You can tell it’s race day. Simple. There are about a million people here! The circuit is packed to the rafters and the excitement is clear, everyone is a race nut there and can’t wait until 3pm, the start of the 79th 24 Heures Du Mans. Before the race there’s time to visit the Lotus garages and see numbers 64 & 65 being finally checked, checked and checked again for the race. I’m with a TV crew who are filming a short documentary film for Lotus and they interview Claudio Berro, Lotus Motorsport Director who is clearly looking forward and also Gavan Kershaw, … [Read more...]

Lotus in Le Mans (Part I)

The Journey Has Just Begun Lotus? In Le Mans? Really? After a 17 year break from the La Sarthe circuit, Lotus are again fielding a works team in the 24 Heures Du Mans. Fortunately for me, I’m going to be able to cheer on the Lotus Jetallliance team from Le Mans as I’m here, currently sitting in the hospitality enjoying what is very, well, slick and polished and as impressive as any other team in the paddock and in many cases, more so. Nice start Lotus! For me, Le Mans is more than just the race though. This is my 4th trip here and for a car enthusiast, the … [Read more...]

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