May 23, 2017

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – All change

Unfortunately this months update isn't much of an update due to wildlife. The stunning Burnt Orange Evora delivered by Martin Donnelly lasted but a few weeks until on a quiet and calm Sunday drive up to Hethel the car meet with a deer just off the A140. Every knows that deer travel in pairs, apart from me that is and when I narrowly avoided one bouncing out in front of the car I had no expectation of his number two following closely behind. As a testament to the crashability of the Evora, it's up there as a success I'd say. Hitting a Muntjac deer at around 50mph … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Moving on up…

After 3 months and 5,000+ miles in the Evora NA it's time to move into something a little more pacey! Before I go into all the details though I just wanted to wrap up the final month with the canyon red car, the very one Mr Alesi himself so famously graced in 'that' picture. Over the period of time I've had the car, it was good, very good. In terms of what I expected from the car it covered its bases and then some especially with regards to it's dynamic ability on the roads and how easy it is to drive well. The ride and handling is very true to form of a Lotus if not … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Day after day…

...after day after day. That's what I'm finding this car is quite handy for. Yes, it's a performance car and yes when you want to go really fast you can but when you want to pop to the shops, when you want to nip to see a friend it's very, very easy to jump in the Evora and just drive it. I know it's a car and that's what cars are for but with a performance car sometimes it's not ideal for these sort of journeys as it's often too much like hard work making sure you warm the car properly before revving too high, it's too much hard work getting in an out of, it's too … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – A month of Evora-ing!

I've driven supercars for some time, I've owned Esprits for over a decade so am used to cars which corner well. At least I used to think so... hasn't technology moved on! In the month I've had the Evora I've had the chance to cover the better part of 3,000 miles so far which has been fun. A trip to Wales the first weekend I had the car allowed it to experience heavy rain (!) and it didn't leak which is good. In fact, it's composure in very heavy rain and standing water is very good, certainly in part thanks to the DPM I'd imagine making me feel like I'm doing all … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – An introduction

So, what's it really like to live with and 'own' an Evora? We've all read the reviews, seen the trophy cabinet shelves look like they're ready to collapse under the weight of all the 'Car of the Year' trophies and heard accolades from all corners of the motoring world but when the party poppers have run out and champagne is flat, is it fun to take the car home? Over the next year we will be driving an Evora as an everyday car. It will come to enthusiast events all over Europe as much as it will take us to Sainsbury's and the beach. The car will be used, cherished … [Read more...]

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