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McIntosh Announce the MHA200 Valve Headphone Amplifier, On Demo Soon!

Hi All, Some headphone news for a change, the headphone market has definitely settled down now from 3-4 years ago where there seemed to be something new coming out every week so it is nice to have something new to look forward to with the McIntosh MHA200 Valve amplifier just announced. McIntosh certainly know how to make good looking kit and this really is pure McIntosh, it reminds me of a mini version of the Iconic McIntosh 275 Stereo Amp, it is guaranteed to deliver also catering for


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New Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD/DAC now on Demo!

Hi all, So I must admit I have become a bot of an Accuphase fan boy since taking on the brand last year, firstly there isn't much HiFi out there that is as well made as Accuphase but at the end of the day that is pointless if it doesn't sound any good and that is where Accuphase really wins as whether looking at their integrated amps or their Pre/Power's you get a very natural and organic sound but with no loss of detail, it really is a sound you could listen to all genres of music too for


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The New Audio Research Reference 80S Stereo Power Amp Coming to HFL Soon!

Hi All, Just a quickie to say at last Audio Research have announced their Reference 80S Stereo Power amp, this is the one everyone has been waiting for as the outgoing Reference 75se was a very popular amp for Audio Research and the new 80S is bound to carry on that tradition, we have ordered our demo model so that will be with us shortly, if this is of any interest please feel free to get in touch as I'll be happy to lend it out bearing in mind we are currently closed for demos unfortunate


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REL Reference G1 Mark II Subwoofer Now On Demo!

Hi All,   I must admit this isn't probably the best time to be buying new demo stock bearing in mind it looks like we will remain closed for the foreseeable future but I'm really pleased to have added the REL Acoustics Reference G1 MK II Subwoofer for demo so that it is all ready and waiting for us to welcome everyone back in to the shop once we are allowed.   I know I keep banging on about how fundamentally important subwoofers, especially REL's thanks to their H


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'Click & Collect', Let's Empty The Shop!

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is OK and keeping themselves safe and entertained somehow, it certainly looks like this Lockdown is going to be a long one unfortunately, have to say we have started 2021 with a bang as it has been very busy which I am extremely grateful for, I just thought I would do a quick post to mention that in theory we are still allowed to offer 'Click and Collect' although how essential a journey to HFL is open to debate I guess but with everyone looking for ways to pass t


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Happy New Year + Lockdown 3.0 Plan!

Hi Everyone, Firstly Happy New Year, here we go again, another year and unfortunately another Lockdown, needless to say the only thing that really matters is that we all stay safe and well as the Virus is certainly much worse at the moment so we really can’t be too careful at this time, with the first lockdown I hardly spoke to anyone who had it or knew anyone who had but this time it seems to be everywhere, who would have thought last March during the first lockdown it would be worse come


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New Products On Demo From Fyne, Chord, Franco, Levinson, Arcam, JBL, IsoAcoustics & PrimaLuna!

Hi All, Hope everyone is safe and well, over the last couple of months it has been pretty frantic in here which I am very thankful for but one of the casualties has been that I haven’t had any time for an blogs and updates on the latest goings on at HFL. As we said before even a world pandemic doesn’t appear to stop HiFi and over the last month or so we have had some exciting new demo products come in so I normally would write a quick blog about each but as the year draws to an end I t


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And Now For Something a Little Different!

Hi All, Hope everyone is OK during this 2nd lockdown, now this isn't exactly HiFi related but I know a lot of our customers are petrolheads and love their motorsport, very much like me so thought it may be of interest. So my other passion other than music is playing racing games and in particular driving simulators, I started way back in 1984 with REV's on the BBC Micro, arguably the world's first racing simulator and I haven't stopped since, wow that is 36 years, to be honest I should


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Lockdown 2.0 - Home Demo’s + Collection Service Available.

Hi all, I hope everyone is safe and well, we say that so much over the years but never before has it meant so much so we really hope everyone is OK and keeping sane, especially as we are now in another lockdown and face an uncertain winter ahead, the first lockdown was actually good timing for HiFi retail as it was in the Spring / Summer which is always quieter but Lockdown 2 really couldn’t have come at a worse time as the 2 months up to Christmas are generally the busiest months of the ye


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Naim / Focal Promotion To Beat The Lockdown Blues!

Hi Everyone, Well as we enter Lockdown 2 there is actually some good news out there as Naim and Focal are doing some really cracking packages comprising or Naim Uniti products partnered with Focal speakers that also comes with 4 meters of Naim speaker cables terminated so you have an awesome system that is already to run straight out the box where you can save up to £1800, please find more information below but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch as I'll be in th


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The New SME Model 6 Turntable + the Legendary SME Model 20 Now on Demo.

Hi Everyone, So the vinyl revival show's no sign of stopping, saying that I think it is time we stop calling it a revival as I would say Vinyl is now here to stay good and proper, it has seen off that pesky challenger in the form of CD and rightly so, the only reason really that vinyl has shown such dexterity is because it just sounds so damn fine, I know there is the whole nostalgia thing and us humans like to own stuff but at the end of the day the main reason vinyl is now so strong is be


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Sonus Faber Trade Up Promotion + New Lumina Speakers on Demo!

Hi All, A couple of bits of Sonus Faber news, firstly from now till the 31st December Sonus Faber are holding a promotion where if you trade in your current speakers you will get the full new value back on them against a new pair of Sonus Faber speakers which really is a cracking deal, if you would like more information please feel free to get in touch, this promotion is on Sonus Faber speakers starting with the Sonetto Range all the way to the very top models. Also we now have the new


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Franco Serblin Speakers now on Permanent Demo, Something Truly Special & Unique!

Hi All, I am really pleased to say that we have now added Franco Serblin speakers to our portfolio, for those who don't know Franco Serblin was best known for forming Sonus Faber in 1983 and creating many stunning speaker designs which were always considered beautiful in design but also extremely musical and natural in presentation, In 2006, after 33 years at Sonus Faber, he left to pursue starting a speaker company in his own name designing even more beautiful speakers where catching the e


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Sennheiser HD800 Anniversary

Sennheiser Launch The Limited Edition HD800S Anniversary Edition Headphones! Hi All, Just a quickie to say that to celebrate their 75th Anniversary Sennheiser have launched a Limited Edition pair of the HD800S's, there are only 750 pairs worldwide, 25 pairs coming to the UK and we have managed to secure 2 pairs, they have a really nice Matt gold finish, they also have an individual engraved serial number and the best part of all they are the same price as the original HD800S's at £1399

The New Wilson Audio SabrinaX Speakers Now on Permanent Demo!

Hi All,   So it is always big news when Wilson Audio launch new speakers, arguably makers of the best speakers in the world, but when it is a new version of the brilliant Sabrina then for me it is even bigger news as the Sabrina is one of my favourite speakers ever.   Now I know that I love big speakers but from a design perspective there is something magical about getting a really big and musical sound from a small speaker and for me this is why the Sabrina i


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PMC Ci140 Speakers + Bryston 28B3 Amplifiers Installed at Home!

Hi All, PMC Ci140 Speakers So we've had this week off, what do you do on your week off? Yeah play with new speakers and amps for our home system, a real busman's holiday, first we installed the new Epic PMC Ci140's for rear speakers, they are not exactly small but are the perfect match for our BB5 SE's and really do sound incredible, a huge step up from the PMC Wafer 2's we were using beforehand. I actually wired them up to test for 2 channel and they really are quite incredible,


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dCS Vivaldi 4 Box Stack Now on Demo to Complete Our New £300K Reference System!

Hi All, So way back in January, yes before we knew how Covid was going to change the world, I decided that it would be cool to have a so called resident 'Reference' system in our Highend Room so I placed a load of orders for a lot of Highend kit to create this system, then Covid hit and I thought Bugger as lot of it started to arrive during lockdown and needed paying for, but we are through that now and the system is complete and up and running and sounds incredible and was worth every penn


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Dan D'Agostino Joins HFL's Portfolio!

Hi All, So this is a big one for us, over the years I have always wanted to add Dan D'Agostino to our portfolio, for 2 reasons really, one for the looks, I just think they look beautiful although I am aware that they do divide opinion and also that when it comes to Highend Hifi, especially amplifiers then Dan D'Agostino is up there with the very best and arguably the Relentless Monoblocks, at around £250,000 for a pair, are considered the best on the planet so is it is a great honour to add


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Big Tick On The Bucket List This Weekend!

[B]Big Tick On The Bucket List This Weekend![/B] Hi All, So life really is for living in my book and last weekend was a huge tick on the bucket list after spending 3 days racing in our Radical SR1 at Silverstone on the Grand Prix layout, only a few days after the F1 circus left and we had a new HiFi Lounge Livery on the car to celebrate. The event was a Radical invitational so we didn't score any championship points but we joined the back for the Radical SR3 grid and gatecrashed t


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New REL 212/SX Subwoofer Installed At HFL and at Home!

Hi All, So I have been banging on for years how all 2 channel systems benefit from running a dedicated REL Subwoofer to underpin the front left and right speakers and it looks like the word is really getting out there now as we have never demoed and sold so many subwoofers as we have over the last few months, infact REL have seen unprecedented demand so it looks as if Covid has helped people see the light somehow, for me adding a Sub is the best pound for pound upgrade there is to get more



Full Range of the New PMC Twenty5i Series Speakers now on Demo!

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say that we now have the full range of the new PMC Twenty5i  Series speakers on permanent demo, these were announced sometime ago and where due to be with us much sooner than this but obviously a little thing called Covid 19 decided to come along and ruin our fun but the good news is that they are all now here and are sounding excellent. I don't know how they do it but it really sounds like PMC have made even more gains with their Twenty5 range, now on it's



Focal Scala Utopia Evo Speakers Now on Demo, What a Stunner!

Hi All, Another day and more new demo stock, this time I have to say this is one of the prettiest speakers we have ever had at HiFi Lounge, the Focal Scala Evo Speakers in the new Noyer Natural Finish, I nearly went for blue but took a gamble on this finish and I'm so glad I did as they really are gorgeous, they look good in the pictures but are even better when seen in the showroom and the great news is that they really do sound as good as they look. So far I have run them with Naim,



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