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HFL Virus Update!




Hi All,

Hope everyone is continuing to stay fit and healthy in these crazy times, I just wanted to send out a really quick update since our last newsletter as obviously now we are in lockdown things have changed a little.

Firstly obviously we are now closed for any customer visits and demo’s but I am still coming in to work at the moment, basically here on my own so I can’t see any harm it that really, actually want to use the time to do all the jobs that I never have time for.

Home Demo’s

Secondly my master plan of home visits and home demo’s is obviously out the window but on the flip side UPS are still working as normal so I am happy to ship anything out that you would like to try at home, may as well this self isolation time wisely, already this week I have shipped out quite a few products for home demo so if there is anything you fancy trying just get in touch and we can get something arranged, I can see the shop being empty soon but that is fine, saying that, if you want to try the dCS Bartok there is quite a queue forming.


Also we can ship any of our demo stock if there is anything you fancy buying, we heard yesterday that Rega and Naim have ceased production for the time being and I would imagine everyone else will follow suit soon so our ex-display kit, which is all as new and boxed, is a great way of getting something now and saving a few sheckles, please see our ex-display section on our website below but if there is anything on our website that you are interested in let me know as most manufacturer’s are now happy to ship direct as they are keen to help in anyway they can -


Also we do have quite a few bits and bobs on our eBay page which is also available for instant shipping so please see below and if anything takes your fancy please do get in touch, keep an eye on this as I do add kit regularly  -

So really that is all we can offer at the moment but if you’d like to discuss anything please either give me a call or email me on 01767 448121 / [email protected]

I look forward to our next update to say that normal service is resumed in the not too distant future hopefully but at the moment music is the best antidote we have so please stay safe, well and sane whilst self isolating.

Take care everyone,


Paul & Wendy.


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