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Dan D'Agostino Joins HFL's Portfolio!




Hi All,

So this is a big one for us, over the years I have always wanted to add Dan D'Agostino to our portfolio, for 2 reasons really, one for the looks, I just think they look beautiful although I am aware that they do divide opinion and also that when it comes to Highend Hifi, especially amplifiers then Dan D'Agostino is up there with the very best and arguably the Relentless Monoblocks, at around £250,000 for a pair, are considered the best on the planet so is it is a great honour to add D'Agostino to our portfolio and finally when building our so called 'Reference System' it didn't seem complete without D'Agostino amplification in the lineup.

For those who don't Know Dan D'Agostino was the founder of Krell but in 2011 he moved on to start his own company bearing his name and has really taken amplifier design and to another level creating amplifiers that will drive any speaker on the planet and that look like nothing else.

Unfortunately we couldn't afford to start with a pair of Relentless Mono's so have gone with the Progression Stereo Power amp and the Progression Integrated, as soon as funds permit I will also add the Progression Preamp then start looking at the Momentum range.

As for sound quality, well for me I find them fast, amazing separation and clarity but always with enough warmth, I remember one demo I did recently with our Wilson Sabrina's using the Progression Stereo amp and I really have never heard them sound better, one thing is for sure if you are looking for a new Highend Amplifier then you really owe it to yourself to give Dan D'Agostino a listen.

Please find the range on our website below and a few pics of our new demo models.







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