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PMC Ci140 Speakers + Bryston 28B3 Amplifiers Installed at Home!



Hi All,

PMC Ci140 Speakers

So we've had this week off, what do you do on your week off? Yeah play with new speakers and amps for our home system, a real busman's holiday, first we installed the new Epic PMC Ci140's for rear speakers, they are not exactly small but are the perfect match for our BB5 SE's and really do sound incredible, a huge step up from the PMC Wafer 2's we were using beforehand.

I actually wired them up to test for 2 channel and they really are quite incredible, just like having a pair of 25.26's on your wall which is great as up until now I would say there haven't been many on wall solutions that work really well for music and cinema and not everyone wants floor standers in their room so I can see this new Ci Range from PMC being extremely popular for Cinema systems and a more discreet 2 channel system, it really is great to have a real musical on wall solution, good job PMC 👍

Bryston 28B Amplifiers

Then it was time for new amps, so owning a pair of Bryston 28B’s has been something on my to do list for the last 10 years+ so once again due to Covid 19 and the attitude of ‘what am I actually waiting for’ I am really pleased to have finally installed a pair to our system at home and I am really happy to say they have really been worth the wait, they have really woken up our PMC Speakers BB5 SE’s, everything has more space, air and separation but also everything feels faster and more rhythmic, Wendy uses Radiohead's ‘How to Disappear Completely’ as her system test track and it threw her a bit last night as it sounded so different from the 7B3’s we were running before, she had never heard separation like this before at home and took her a while to adapt but eventually she really began to appreciate it.

Next job are some longer legs to give a bit more ventilation and that will also allow me to add a Bryston BP173 preamp then I think we done with our Covid 2020 upgrades.

I should also mention that we put a Solid Steel isolation platform under our REL Acoustics 212/SX Sub and that has really helped tighten up the real low end giving it more depth and impact so that was a really nice little tweak.

Right we have really got into Game of Thrones over the last few weeks, only 2 episodes left so time to crank it up and enjoy.

Please find a selection of photo's below and links on our website -
















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