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REL Reference G1 Mark II Subwoofer Now On Demo!



Hi All,
I must admit this isn't probably the best time to be buying new demo stock bearing in mind it looks like we will remain closed for the foreseeable future but I'm really pleased to have added the REL Acoustics Reference G1 MK II Subwoofer for demo so that it is all ready and waiting for us to welcome everyone back in to the shop once we are allowed.
I know I keep banging on about how fundamentally important subwoofers, especially REL's thanks to their Hi-Level connection, are for a 2 Channel system but it looks like the word really is spreading as REL had a record year last year and we sold more REL's than any other brand last year so if you haven't experimented with a REL in your system yet feel free to get in touch to arrange a home demo, beware though there is no going back once you'd heard the improvement.
Please find a few pics below of our new G1 and a link to the G1 on our website -

Another REL 212/SX added to our home system.

Funnily enough over Christmas I added another REL 212/SX to our home system so now we run a 212/SX on each speaker, I must admit that I know REL always recommend this if you can but I was really surprised at the upgrade it brings, not really adding more bass but there is an extra weight and depth to the sound with 2 subs, everything feels more balanced and more tangible, it is hard to explain but I guess the room is just being loaded better so you feel it more, a great upgrade though, even though we have to walk sideways round the sub to get out the room 🙄





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