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Headlight in, out, in, no out again, no in.. - E 906 return to the road - The Lotus Forums Jump to content
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Headlight in, out, in, no out again, no in..

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I have had the front and rear bumpers sprayed along with the spats, bumpers and one spat fitted (need to move car to fit other) and I now got round to checking the lights work.
All going well, little bit of twisting of lamps (bulbs go in the ground to grow into flowers) and the oxidation on the contacts cleared enough for the lamps to illuminate. Got to the front and the front fog lights are not working, take headlights off again, check connections, all seems OK, refit headlight. Still no light output, eventually, having removed end refitted the headlight a few times (once to replace the reflector unit with a much better one) I establish the problem. The switch inside the car isn't working so obviously they were not working before I removed the bumper.

I put a replacement switch in and hey presto, OS one comes on, so refit headlight again and refit fog light lens, NS still not working. Headlight out again, this time fiddle with the connectors again, no joy, I can get 6v at the lamp but not 12v so it must be a poor connection and must be on the short run of wire as the OS gets its +12v from the same terminal block in the headlight well as the NS.

Oh well, time to pull the headlight pod again and try and get this to work.

Oh yes, as the NS windscreen trim doesn't clear the new screen I need to shape it differently, so it was resting in position, I forgot this, opened the door and closed the door causing it to fall to the floor and chip some of the paint.
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