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The New Audio Research Reference 80S Stereo Power Amp Coming to HFL Soon!




Hi All,

Just a quickie to say at last Audio Research have announced their Reference 80S Stereo Power amp, this is the one everyone has been waiting for as the outgoing Reference 75se was a very popular amp for Audio Research and the new 80S is bound to carry on that tradition, we have ordered our demo model so that will be with us shortly, if this is of any interest please feel free to get in touch as I'll be happy to lend it out bearing in mind we are currently closed for demos unfortunately.

We have got the Reference 160M Mono's and 160S Stereo amps already on demo so it will be nice to finish the trio with the 80S.

At 80 Watts of power for each channel from its KT150 output valves it will be enough to drive the most challenging of speakers and with their newish design with the floating VU meters it really is a serious amp and for a lot of our customers when it comes to musicality and involvement then nothing touches Valves, especially from Audio Research, arguably the leaders in Valve based HiFi.

In other really exciting news, they are also shortly releasing a £5000'ish integrated amp, I don't have any info on this at the moment but this promises to be very exciting indeed, more news to follow.








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