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New Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD/DAC now on Demo!




Hi all,

So I must admit I have become a bot of an Accuphase fan boy since taking on the brand last year, firstly there isn't much HiFi out there that is as well made as Accuphase but at the end of the day that is pointless if it doesn't sound any good and that is where Accuphase really wins as whether looking at their integrated amps or their Pre/Power's you get a very natural and organic sound but with no loss of detail, it really is a sound you could listen to all genres of music too for many hours on end without any fatigue and as a bonus for me they look gorgeous too in a retro way, I never thought I'd like Gold HiFi to be honest but it really does ooze class.

Anyway enough of me gushing about how much I like Accuphase, the point of this blog is that last week we took delivery of the new Accuphase DP-570 CD/SACD/DAC so now we can demo a full Accuphase system, this has just come out and apparently we have the first model in the country, it retails for £10,200 so not cheap but actually when you look what it offers it isn't bad value really, since getting it I have been having a good listen and it really doesn't disappoint, what I love is it will play CD and SACD but it also has digital inputs and outputs so for me the winner is that you can hook a Melco up to it over USB and you have all your digital bases covered whether you have a big CD/SACD collection or you like to stream or have a big HiRes library you can access everything at a really high level with a lovely smallish system, currently I am running our E-800 Class A integrated amp with the DP-570 partnered with a Melco N100 into the Focal Scala Utopias all hooked up with Atlas Asimi cables and it really does sound epic, wish we could have everyone in for a listen.

Anyway if you are looking for a new high quality CD/SACD spinner or a digital hub please feel free to get in touch to discuss.










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