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SME 75th Anniversary Synergy Turntable now on Permanent Demo!



Hi All,

So this could quite possible be the best bit of HiFi eye Candy out there, it looks great in the pics but is even more gorgeous for real, the Silver Anniversary finish, to celebrate SME's 75th Anniversary, is a £3000 premium over the standard black finish so that makes it £18,895 but it really is worth every penny if you can stretch to it.

So what is the SME Synergy? Basically it is a Highend Plug and Play Turntable, all you need to do is plug it straight into a line input and you are up and running, it really couldn't be easier, it is made of a combination of some of the worlds best brands that are all tuned to get the best performance, Synergy really is the right name here, please see below from SME’s website for an overview -

'Synergy is a unique, precision-engineered integrated turntable featuring magnesium tonearm, moving coil cartridge and built-in phono stage. Comprising of a completely new turntable design combined with the highly acclaimed SME Series IV tonearm, Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti cartridge and a specially designed phono stage by NAGRA, all coupled with mono crystal silver wire by Crystal Cable, Synergy is a fully integrated turntable unit that is factory configured requiring minimal user set-up.'

We will have our Synergy setup in our Highend System so if you’d like to hear it please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and feel free to bring some of your favourite records along as for me there is nothing better than listening to vinyl, have to say it really has made our big system sing, especially the Alexx V’s.

Please find more info in the link below and a few pictures, we now have pretty much the full SME range of Turntables on demo so please feel free to get in to to arrange a demo.

Many thanks,













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