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Big Speakers on Demo from Magneplanar and Avantgarde!



Hi Everyone,

Just a quickie to say that we have a couple of pairs of very special speakers in demo at the moment that we have borrowed from the distributors for a couple of demos so if you'd like a listen please get in touch to make an appointment.

Magneplanar 30.7's

Speakers certainly don't get much bigger than these, they really do give a wall of sound.

I love Maggies, certainly not the easiest speakers to accommodate but if you can then they are well worth a listen as they have a mid range to die for and give an extremely open and large sound, very different from a more conventional speaker.

Avantgarde Duo XD Speakers

I have to say having these in HFL has been a real treat and a revelation, this is the first pair of Horn speakers I have actually sat down and listened to, other than a quick listen at shows, and I have to say that I am totally smitten as they give such a live and big sound and with the active bass drivers you get real solid and fast bass that you really feel, we only have these for a couple of weeks then we have to give them back unfortunately, certainly been a real eye opener that's for sure.



Maggies below followed by the Avatgarde's.






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