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DeVORE Fidelity Orangutan O/96 Speakers Now On Demo, These Are So Good!




Hi Everyone,

Speakers really are a magical part of the HIFI chain aren't they, so my designs, technologies and thoughts behind the thousands of different versions that have come out over the decades so it is incredible that something comes along every now and again that really does take your breath away offering something very different and special to anything I have heard before, enter DeVore Fidelity.

I have to admit until around 6 months ago I had never come across DeVore Fidelity speakers before but I got asked by a couple of customers if I could source them so a quick call to Absolute Sounds and I had a pair of Orangutan 0/96's here, unfortunately they went out to a good customer of ours straight away for a home demo so I never got to listen to them but he waxed lyrically about them and ordered a pair so once back here I was keen to have a listen myself and he was right, these speakers are very special indeed and sound like nothing I have heard before.

Firstly they are super efficient and only really need a low powered amp, I'd heard they work well with valves and as the Devore's are all hand made in Brooklyn I thought it would be cool to hook them up with another brand from New York, McIntosh, and I have to say it really is a magical combo.

So onto the Orangutan 0/96's, Firstly the cabinetry is exquisite, a real thing on beauty, stunning really but it is the sound for me that is something else, I have never heard a speaker with so much airiness about it, there is this breathless quality that encapsulates the music, I guess that is helped by the speakers being super efficient, now I know it is a cliche but close your eyes and the music really is there in front of you, the speaker disappears like no other box I have heard before, they are an exceptionally captivating speaker and have been a real pleasant surprise, I have spent a couple of evenings here just getting lost in them as I got that old HiFi Curse of going through all my favourite songs as I was hearing them like never before.

I should also mention that they also give a huge soundstage with fantastic imagery and depth, we have always struggled with width to the soundstage in our demo rooms being narrow converted barns but these really did extend the image beyond the walls with fantastic placement and separation also.

I guess you get the idea and I will stop gushing about them now, so at £13,998 for the standard Lace Walnut finish they are not cheap but if you want something truly special and the budget will take it then I strongly recommend you give these a listen.

Please find a link to DeVore Fidelity on our website and some pictures below -

















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