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Introducing The HiFi Rose RA180 Integrated Amplifier, Something Very Different!




Hi Everyone,

So this is a little different, I've always said that HiFi Rose are a brand to keep an eye on, they have already given us 2 excellent streamers and an all in one player but now they have unleashed an integrated amplifier on the world and it really is like nothing I have seen before, needless to say I ordered one for demo straight away, I'm a sucker for something different and this really does look unique, can't wait to find out what all those dials and knobs do, it retails for for £5499 so certainly looks to be good value for money.

It has a built in MM/MC Phono Stage, Active Crossover ability, Tone Controls, App Control, it also sounds like it has some interesting amplifier technology inside also which is capable of up to 400 watts per channel, please see below from HiFi Rose -

'4 Mono Amplifiers - Multi Output Configuration using Modules

The HiFi ROSE RA180 consists of two modules: one AMP module specialised for stable mid-bass and balance, and another specialised for smooth high-pitched and super tweeter areas.

Each AMP module supports 200 W (8 Ohm) and can output up to 400 W per channel. When two independent modules are connected to a speaker's high and low frequencies separately, the driving force can be greatly improved without being affected by a counter electromotive force.

BTL mode combines two independent modules for rich, balanced sound.'

It is due with us soon as if you are as curious as me then feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo.

Please find some pics below and a link to the RA180 on our website -









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