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iRacing UK&I Radical Race Series Get Together, What a Load of Fun That Was!




Hi Everyone,

So it has been a good couple of years since we've held an open day for obvious reasons but last Saturday we jumped back on the saddle with a behind closed doors event which proved a lot of fun.

Thanks to Covid I really got back into my sim racing, especially iRacing, and being that I raced a Radical in the real world at the time I naturally gravitated to racing the Radical SR8 in the simulator and then discovered league racing with the UK&I Radical Race Series where we all meet up every Thursday night for a weekly league race online, the main advantage of league racing is that you race the same people every week so there is a mutual respect there and the quality of racing is much higher and enjoyable.

The funny thing is that we speak all the time on Discord and race every week but most of us have never met so with the iLounge Racing Showroom now ready for action it seemed like the perfect opportunity to arrange a get together which we did last Saturday and I have to say I was thrilled that pretty much everyone came along, travelling from all over the country and we all got along as if it was a old school reunion where we had known each other for years, obviously helped by our common love for sim racing but I must say everyone was so nice, such a great bunch of people.

So we spent the day enjoying the Sims and HiFi, fired up the BBQ where Ady was top chef, then the real fun part was to take us bunch of Virtual Racers to Rye House Go Kart track to race for real, again I was so pleased that we managed to get a full grid of 24 Karts together for this and just like on iRacing there was great respectful racing throughout the whole field, not one to blow my own trumpet but I was over the moon to get pole and win the race in such a competitive field or racers but I am the first to admit that I had home advantage as I do race at Rye a fair bit so it was a little unfair. Then after the racing a bunch of us went out for a curry to talk sim racing some more, it really was the perfect day.

Look forward to doing it all again next year.

If anyone would like to join the RRS league please find a link to the website below, you'll be very welcome and will experience some of the nicest people in Sim racing and will have some excellent racing too -

Also this week's race at Monza is well worth watching, one of the most fun races races I have ever raced on iRacing.


















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