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Introducing dCS Lina, Taking Headphone Listening To The Next Level!




Hi All,

Being a big fan of headphone listening myself I find the news that dCS have just launched their new Lina Headphone system which is designed to get the very best headphone listening experience for the most discerning headphone listeners out there very exciting indeed.

It is a 3 box system comprising of a Streaming DAC, Master Clock and Headphone Amplifier, basically I like to think of it as a Vivaldi system for the headphone listener which will give all the key attributes of a dCS System that is guaranteed to get the very best from whichever headphones you use and is guaranteed to drive the hardest headphones out there.

Incorporating a totally new and smaller design you can either stack the 3 boxes or configure them side by side to suit your living space, have to say that I think it looks really cool, can't wait to get my hands on it.

We will have Lina on demo very shortly which will be set up in our dedicated headphone room where you will be able to try it with a selection of the best headphones on the planet.

For me, what I love about headphone listening is the intimacy and insight it gives, I still think some people see it as 2nd best to a full HiFi system but I strongly disagree, I would say it is equally as enjoyable but it is a different experience, in some ways it is better than a speaker system as you are not getting any interaction with the room so you basically just hear the music as intended with no room coloration, I know you don't get the scale of a speaker system but you really can hear into the recording with all its nuances that can sometimes get lost on a more conventional HiFi, for me I'd say there is a strong argument to have both a great HiFi and Headphone system if you love music as they are both 2 very different but equally good ways to enjoy your music and with Lina you know you will be getting the very best headphone experience available.

Please find more on Lina below on our website and if you have any questions or would like to come in for a demo sometime please feel free.

Once I have had some hands on time I will write my thoughts.










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