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Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amplifier Now On Demo, All I can say is WOW!




Hi Everyone,

Well is has certainly taken some time to arrive since being announced but I am really pleased to say that the new Audio Research I/50 Integrated Valve Amplifier is now with us and it has certainly been the wait.

I won't go on for too long but firstly I really can't think of a better spend of the £5198 asking price for this amp in HiFi today, it's not very often you put the words 'ARC' and 'good value for money' in the same sentence but this really is, firstly it is all hand assembled and tested at Audio Research in Minnesota to the same exacting standards as their other products, including their Reference range, the look and build quality is stunning, the sound is pure ARC so open, big, organic, full and very natural, and I love 2 pillars at the front that count down from 49 at boot up as the valves warm up then they become the volume control and input select indicators, very cool, It is also available in 6 different colours and can be specced with a phono stage and DAC if required.

I guess it is pretty obvious that ARC are going after the PrimaLuna EVO400 with this amp but the great news is that we have both here so if you are in the market for a new amp feel free to get in touch to come in to compare, please find a few pics below of the I/50 in place as my new office system amp, works really well with the Wilson Audio TuneTots and HiFi Rose RS150 streamer, really not sure how I am going to get any work done.

All the best,








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