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Hi Guys,

After 3 years of being on this forum I've finally got round to starting my own restoration blog!

I bought my esprit s2 about 3 years ago whilst I was studying in the UK. I guess I fell in love with the esprit due to the sheer 70's low, wide look of it.

I had the esprit transported back home to Malta, where it is now undergoing a full restoration.

I intend to bring the car back to its original state and painted in its original lemon yellow colour.

Here are a few pics of the car :
Car in the UK:

Car in Malta:


Strip down pics :



Till now I've had the chassis blasted, repaired and painted in Satin black. I'm currently working on refurbishing the chassis and suspension parts whilst waiting for the body to be painted :)


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Looking into the cars history, it has been exported and re-imported from Ireland and Denmark .. Maybe this is the cause?


But the car is all original with 907 engine etc ... 


Doesn't really matter from my end as the reg will be changed over

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