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Rich H


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It has been suggested that I keep track of my ongoing love/hate relationship with my Esprit S4 as a blog so I'm having a go.

I'm an engineer by trade, not a hands on practical engineer, but a jack of all trades master of none fault investigator.
I currently investigate military aircraft component faults and sort them out for a living but with all the current cuts I might need a new job before too long!

Mechanical stuff doesn't phase me particularly but that does mean I get in over my head on occasions, mostly by taking too many bits off at once...

The story:

I get bored

I like to have things to tinker with or 'improve' (Or fix!).

My Elise did me well and in the 5 years I owned her I had spent a significant amount of time modding and tinkering. Mostly it was successful and the end result was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Sadly I can't drive for toffee and couldn't really get the full benefit.


Trouble was after 4 years of modding there wasn't much left that didn't cost £'000s, next step was throttle bodies and an Emerald. 4 years into ownership I managed to get a partial agreement on me getting a toy car... so I promptly bought one, a 1980 Porsche 924 and the set about that.


Now for a couple of years this was fine and the Porker did sterling work getting me to work and for general tinkering but then I swapped the 924 for a faster one, a 924 Turbo, and the Elise was always at the back of the drive and getting neglected a bit...


So I spent some time and resurrected it and it was going quite well until on a NORLOG breakfast run I hit a rock and split a sidewall. No great problem in itself (Apart from a long wait and long trip home on a wagon!) and I even got given a tyre that was similar age and milage to fit... the problem was despite just needing a trip to the tyre fitters it took me 2 months to do it... I had just lost interest.

A plan hatched... I had had the Elise for 5 years, and I figured it was time to change the other one. But what... As a child of the 80's the Esprit was always of interest, I floated the idea on Scottish Elises about looking for an Esprit...

Not long after floating the idea, and going to see Carl's S4 in Leyland, the offer of a potential swap arrived! I had been looking for an SE, I like turbos but I wanted something a bit more modern than the 924 Turbo but money was to tight for anything more modern. But the swap was for a nice looking but neglected S4 that had been dry parked for 2 years and needed resurrecting and it also meant I didn't haev to sell the Elise. Needless to say I couldn't pass this up and a deal was done....


More to follow...



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