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Start dismantling (boot)



It was rather clear, that the car needs to bee totally dismantled. I thought I begin at the rear end... I spent one day dismantling the boot and the rear located fuel installations.

The S.U. fuel pump. In the US version from 1976 was already a catch tank and a charcoal canister fitted (above pump). I won't reuse these. Then I couldn't find out where the fuel filter between the tank and the pump was gone. I found one alongside of the gearbox, screwed on the chassis. Maybe that's another U.S. alteration. If you use a workshop manuel you will realize that my pump was bolt in the wrong way round.

All the metal parts are awfully rusty - like this boot lock.

Boot carpeting, good enough to take measurements or pattern.

Taking out the fuel tank.

I pondered quite a time how to renovate this. I think I found a good solution. I'll explain that later...
First I will take everything apart.


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