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Getting the right engine



Because engine and carburetors are totally different in U.S. and in european version, I bought a second engine.

The Idea is to strip both engines and then to use the outer parts form the U.S. engine with the internal parts of the european one. Simply for keeping the "matching numbers".

By my knowledge of today I wouldn't buy this engine again. It came with the wrong gearbox on (4 speed instead of 5) and the Lucas 23D Distributor and the fuel banjos where missing. Have you once tried to get the original single 45 degree banjos?... [img][/img]

At least It had the right cams fitted (type "E" or "103"). These are needed to become road legal in Switzerland, because we adapted the newest emission laws quite early.

Ahhh - did I mention already that the carburetors were jetted totally wrong... [img][/img]


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