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Chassis repair



I pondered a while whether this chassis is worth to be restored or not... I was not sure but I decided to do it!

I checked the dimensions, to know if the geometry is still in the normal range. (Al the datas are given in the workshop manual.)

Even tough the lower front section needed some attention. I decided to change a deformed sheet. A friend did the welding and it finally looked close to the original.

In the next step I decided against "sand blasting" the chassis. I found an expert company which does derust with chemical agents. They are located in the northern part of Switzerland and are well known in central europe (also working for the historical museum of BMW e.g.).


For this result I had to pay about CHF 900.- (GBP 600.-)

Next step was to add a contemporary corrosion protection in a bath and powder coating to get the final and original look. The Paint-Styling AG ([url=""][/url]) was the best company I found for this job. This was the only company, capable to handle a whole chassis nearby.

For the whole treatment I paid a further CHF 300.- (GBP 200.-)

So for the complete overhaul I paid about GBP 800.-. A good price compared for the chassis offered to buy elsewhere and much better and nicer too!


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