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Just get on with it...

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Rich H


So after a day or so I realised that it wasn't going to fix itself so I cracked on with it!

Access is 'interesting' for most things as I found out!

First things: Service.
I object to paying people to change the oil and filter, plus I like to know that it's been done!
So I serviced it myself using the lotus service schedule.
All the fluids were changed: oil, coolant, gearbox oil, power steering fluid and brake fluid.
Plugs changed, new belts on and everything else looked over carefully.

So time to start it...! Much procrastination... span it over and it fired up!
Oil pressure OK, everything working as expected...! Phew!

Next: Translator...
What a state! The bearings were basically destroyed!
Stripped it down and fitted new bearings:

Next: headlamps...
they were a right old mess. Both pods were full of leaves and rotten!
Stripped it all down and, after a bit of research, fitted new stainless steelwork with standard 5 3/4" lamp units.
Motors came back to life with a good clean out and grease up.

Next: Rear body mounts
I knew they might be wobbly but I wasn't expecting it to be held together with silicone!
I cut the mess back and was left with about 3"x4" missing from both sides!
I cut some stainless plate and fiberglassed everything back together.
the dark lines show where the original fiberglass was missing:

Next: Chargecooler impeller
I had no idea if this needed doing but I checked anyway and it was knackered. The impeller was OK but wasn't attached to the shaft!
New impeller fitted:

All that done and off for an MOT.
Failed... but only for a corroded brake line!
Made a new one and passed!

Green ticket in hand and a fresh tax disc and I was off!

Next: First impressions....

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