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Back Story



So my father bought a '78 white esprit many years ago. He like many saw the 007 movie as a teenager and fell in love with this amazing car. Many years later he finally had one. The great thing was we actually managed to find it locally, and it was white at that. The car was repainted at some point in its live but it was originally a white car (no Tartan interior though, thankfully).

The car was in fair shape at that point. It has a brown leather interior, which isnt great, but although its classic, i don't personally like the Tartan interiors. The interior was a bit rough as the carpets were stained a bit and the seats were all torn up. The body was fair, but the mechanicals were good. The car was running fine and was on the road up until i chose to start restoring it.

The car started to need some maintenance, like timing belt, carbs needed a rebuild, there was a leak in the exhaust, the brake master cylinder was starting to go bad, and the clutch was having problems. I didn't feel like replacing the timing belt with the engine in the car and i've always heard the rule, "If you havemore than two jobs to do on the engine, pull it." So i decided it was time for a restoration. It really needed it anyways since the interior was shot, the tires were also starting to dry rot, and spider cracks were forming in the paint.

I started taking the car apart earlier this spring. I got the car down to bare chassis about 6 months ago, and stuffed parts just about anywhere i could find room. Once the chassis was stripped and clean, i sent it off to powder coating. Got that done about 5 or 6 months ago and thats where i'm at in the restoration. I've been quite busy lately so the restoration has stalled a bit while i collect tools needed to move on. While the restoration is paused a bit, i figured i'd start this blog documenting the restoration. So heres the beginning of reassembling the 78 Esprit S1...


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