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It was June, it's now December....What have I been doing? - E 906 return to the road - The Lotus Forums Jump to content
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It was June, it's now December....What have I been doing?

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Well, I had progressed with the car quite well, needing to finish the leather and that would be about it, or so I thought.
I spent a fair bit of my free time doing bits about the garden etc, so with the good weather over I realised I needed the garage as a working space, tidying that has been (and continues to be) hard work. It's fairly tidy now but the plan is to not do much more on the gold one for a while, I do need to dry it out (not happy) and fit new door seals (Hopefully that's the cause of the wet carpets as the windscreen is newly fitted, the rear screen is secure and the water is not visible on the headlining).

Once that's done the plan is to move it to the rented garage and let it dry out a bit more. The silver Excel that's in that garage at present then becomes the winter project. I've been and removed the rear brake discs and now nee to remove the fronts/ free them off so that it can be moved onto the truck/trailer easily.

So, hopefully starting the next restoration thread very soon.
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