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Disassembly pt 8: fuel tanks



This proved to be the most difficult part of disassembling the car. First i chose to cut the fuel line going into the fuel pump and drain the fuel there since i will be replacing the lines. You can see one of the exposed fuel tanks in this picture:

The fuel filler necks had to be removed. They're hiding behind the quater-windows. It makes removal a lot easier, if you remove the window first. A razor blade and some old guitar strings worked well to get the window out.

After unbolting the fuel tank from the body and disconnecting all of the fuel lines, it's time for them to come out. These required some choreography to get out but they eventually come. And finally...the tanks are out.

Once the fuel tanks were out, i could get a better look at the firewire. I noticed the firewall had cracked and the layers were separating. It looks like i'm going to have to cut it out and replace it at some point. Seems kind of dumb to have a plywood firewall, so i might replace it with some honeycomb layered fiberglass instead. A discussion for later, but for now...on to the body removal.


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