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Disassembly pt 15: The final chapter, suspension removal



Down to the last chapter in the Esprit disassembly. The focus this time is the suspension. I couldn't manage to track down a spring compressor that works on the esprit springs. The springs so tightly wound, i found that none of the compressors seem to work. Made due using some ratchet straps. All the bushings need to be replaced though.

The springs and control arms look in good shape though.

These worn out bushings need to be replaced:

And it's finally all removed

Now, it's all ready to start rebuilding. The plan is to powder coat the chassis, rebuild the suspension, then work on the brakes, wheels, cooling system, etc. to get a rolling chassis together (minus engine and trans). Then rebuild the engine and trans. Next is the finishing the rolling chassis. The the body work and interior. It's a long way to go though. But more to come soon.


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