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The Rebuild Begins: Powdercoating the Chassis



Finally the rebuild has begun. A very exciting day indeed. A lot of work and time went into tearing the car apart, but here is where the long journey begins and the wallet starts getting lighter. But i can't wait to see the end result. For now, the first step towards a new looking Esprit, is with the backbone...the chassis.

The chassis was quite greasy from some dripping coolant and the usual leaking valve cover. Luckily the chassis is galvanized and even 30 years later, there is no rust on the frame.

I ended up using about a gallon of Purple Power (fully concentrated) to get it clean. I sprayed the frame twice a day for an entire week. Then i took a power washer to it, and it came out like this:
[attachment=22259:Lotus Restoration 002.jpg][attachment=22260:Lotus Restoration 004.jpg][attachment=22257:Lotus Restoration 005.jpg]

Had a local place powdercoat it. They were very friendly and did it at a reasonable price. Turnaround was very quick too. They cleaned and brush blasted the chassis clean. I didn't want them to completely sandblast the chassis and remove all of the galvanization. Having the galvanization and powdercoat layer should provide permanent rust protection. I couldn't get a picture of the finish, but there are some shiny spots in the powdercoating where the galvanization was thick underneath. This is not very noticable from more than a few inches away. Don't get me wrong though, it looks amazing still. I'm fine with the shiny spots anyways, because i'm getting the added protection of the galvanization and you won't be able to see the spots once the body is back on. The final result really did turn out nice. This frame should definitely last the rest of the life of the car now.
[attachment=22263:Lotus Restoration 001.jpg][attachment=22264:Lotus Restoration 002.jpg][attachment=22262:Lotus Restoration 003.jpg]

Sorry for the picture quality, i didn't get a chance to get pictures before it went in the garage. There isn't much space to take good pictures and the lighting is bad. As you can tell the garage is quite full of lotus bits and tools, so i need to make more space before continuing the build. Be back with another update in a few months, once work resumes on the car.

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