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How to straighten the brake pipes



I won't screw crooked and corroded brake lines on my restored frame. They have to be straight and shiny as original.

Here you can see the result of a self straightened brake line.

I found an instruction on a webpage of how to build a little straightener...
You will need:
- 5 small rope pulleys (Dia ~30 or 40mm)
- 1 L-shaped iron (∼40cm in length)
- 5 smaller bolts, locknuts and washer as axle for the pulleys
- 2 bigger bolts, locknuts and washers to stick the irons together
⇨ in total around GBP 12.-

Make two L-shaped iron pieces and cut it in ∼20cm length each.
Then you have to drill two bigger holes to clamp the irons together and 3 smaller holes on one side and 2 smaller holes one the other iron. These have to be perfectly aligned for the pulleys.

And this is the final little tool...and it works!!!
With two bolts you can now also adjust your tool for different brake pipe sizes.

This tool can be found to buy, - but you will have to pay astonishing USD 300.-- :harhar:


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I like that approach but have to admit I don't really worry about them being as straight as an arrow, the longest run tends to be straight for 4-5 feet so I just use the handles of some pliers, similar in principal to that tool but obviously only two contact points.

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