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Where to get a gearbox?



Because I like to upgrade my US Sprint (like a 520) to a EU 521 I had to find a 5 speed Gearbox.

After a post here in the Forum, 'Tocus' was writing me an Email, that he stored what I'm looking for.
I asked for some more details and he answered quickly. So we made this deal.

But how to get the Parts to Switzerland? I won't double the price just to become it shipped to Switzerland, so I decided to drive to the Netherlands to collect the parts in Person.

[attachment=22388:Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-07 um 20.29.53.png]
The result was [b][color=#ff0000]1900km in 23h,[/color][/b] including fuel-stop, coffee-break, handling parts and 3h powernapping!

At least we were two drivers, so it was not that dangerous as you first thought. :B)


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