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Progress - some electrics work

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Carrying on from the thread which I started as I didn't think it was possible to have more than one blog.


Today was set aside for electrics and that's what I did, so that's unusual in itself, me doing what I planned.
There were multiple wires chopped through and damaged near the fusebox and today I went at them with the soldering iron.
I've had a few moments of one step forward one step back, due to getting the last wire of a certain colour joined only to realise it's no the last of that colour and I've just connected the wrong bits together so having to remove the heat-shrink, unsolder the joint and start again.
Too many greens and too many purples, thankfully although there were 6 ends of green and red they all join together in a daisy-chain and there were two thicknesses of wire.
Several were a pain in that the wire had been pulled right at the terminal so it meant getting the terminal out of the block , attaching new wire to it with solder then soldering that new wire to the cut/ ripped end.

Has it been a success? I think so.

I do have one nagging worry, there's a green wire to the otter switch (with a diode in series) and I cannot seem to register a connection there. It was the last green one I soldered together and after the mistakes I'd checked that the clock etc were connected to the correct one, so it [i]must [/i]be the otter switch wire but may have a fault elsewhere.

The lights now work, the hazards and indicators now work, save for the OSR due to a Failed lamp holder and the NS repeater due to a failed whole repeater.

The window motors did not respond, however there is power at the switch so (unless it's a poor connection not allowing sufficient current) I need to look at the motors themselves. that's not a surprise given how rusty everything else in the door seems to be.

The Driver's side mirror motor did respond but not the passenger side one, so could be many reasons, that will wait until I get the door off (door beam needs to be done).

I've now had enough for the day, it's cold outside and my feet feel like blocks of ice. I also managed to reattach the vent grill having painted it and the AB14 module having painted that. I didn't get round to removing the old header tank and fitting the newly painted one in its place.
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