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Motor OK



Well, the windows are still not operating but I think that's more to do with dodgy switches than anything major. I've had the motor off and the frame off the door.
The frame needs work, rust at the top corner and the bit near where it is secured to the front of the door skin. With the non-availability of replacement new frames and the lack of second hand ones is states much better than this I expect this will be repaired and continue in service.

The window lift channel that is secured to the bottom of the glass has rusted quite badly and I can either obtain a new bit and adhere to the glass of simply use a spare window glass that I have. I expect it will be the latter.
The motor seems OK and I've now put copious amounts of grease in the usual places to keep the water from making the rust much worse.

The driver's door beam has been replaced but the person who did it didn't quite get the door to align so I'll have to adjust that. The person also didn't add a grease nipple to allow packing of the hinge pin, I may alter that situation with it in place. The door movement already seems to require excessive force and that's despite me having put grease on the moving parts of the check strap.

The cold weather didn't make me inclined to do too much today as I don't want to put the spine into spasm.

The driver's door trim has been cleaned and given a coating of hide food, the switch plate has been painted and reattached, and the ashtray is in the process of being repainted.


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