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Door beam

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The previous owner replaced the door beam on the driver's side but didn't get the passenger's side one done. I have a second hand passenger's side beam sitting in the shed (as you do) so today I knocked the hinge pin out (it was seized), cleaned up the rust on the one end of it that had rusted, drilled and tapped a thread into the beam tube that the hinge runs through and re-assembled. I've fitted a grease nipple in the tube so not only will it be full of grease to start with rather than just a small amount each end, it will allow topping up at service times.
Unfortunately the snow outside hasn't gone away and I don't fancy working in it so the door is not coming off the car yet. When it does the plan will be to use an engine crane to lift the shell (door drops when opened) - Ah I've loaned crane out...
Anyway, use crane to lift shell, then remove glass and metal frame, unbolt shell from beam, unbolt top hinge plate from body of car, manoeuvre door shell so as to remove beam from it and insert replacement beam without having to remove wiring etc. once it's done I may end up posting that I had to remove the door shell from the car and wiring etc. It's not a lot of difference but that may save me having to adjust whatever support I use for the door when attempting to re-attach shell and beam to the car.
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