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RHS suspension

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Despite the temperature outside being rather cold and my spine being very sensitive to the cold I have managed some progress today.
The Right Hand Side rear damper has been cut off and a new one fitted, 4 rubber bushes (top link and hub carrier ones) removed and poly ones put in the place, that means I didn't do the ones that secure to the subframe, those other two will have to wait until I have the car in the garage.
The RHS rear calliper has been fitted although not plumbed in and the rest of that side braking system now needs to be fitted. Once done I can then return the car to resting on its suspension and move it.
I had to cut the nuts off the drive shaft flange so will have to obtain some more, obtainable but a pig of a size, m10 fine (1.25mm) 14mm across flats.
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