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RHS rear brakes

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At least it's a bit warmer outside today than the last few days, so I managed to fit the rear shoes, plumb in the rear calliper (copper pie from T to flexi and new stainless flexi). fit the rear pads and new disc. Adjusted the shoes to hopefully the right place (I will tell when both sides are done and I can apply the handbrake.
Refitted the wheel (with new centre cap).
I also fitted the clear lenses to the front (as clear as I could get by repeatedly washing the paint off with acetone) and amber lamps.

I managed to connect the battery with reversed polarity and wondered why I was getting quite a spark on the battery terminal, it's the battery off the Elf and I'd just placed it in the battery tray as I'd been using it for the window motors. Oops, hopefully nothing damaged.

I took the RHS rear spat off the car ready to be repaired as I clumsily broke it in several stages by hitting it with the dead-blow hammer, leaning against it and grabbing it whilst falling over.
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