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LHS rear

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The weather did well to attempt to stop me doing anything on the car, having succeeded for a couple of weekends with the snow. Today it was a mix of snow, hail and rain, combined with strong winds, so generally unpleasant.

I managed (between showers) to get the rear hub carrier off, clean it up, weld on the new dust/stone guard, paint it all, cut and press out the old rubber bushes, fit the new ones. Cut the damper out of the frame. Finally refitting the carrier but not the braking system. Due to the LHS rear spring being broken I have not bolted the new damper in pace fully, it's there with 80% of the old spring (that's 2 of the 3 bits) in place just so that I could return the car to 4 wheels and close the garage door.

The list of parts required is growing, rear spring, front spring, long bonnet pull cable, possibly seatbelt mounts (I may make some), my hope is to make one decent list so that I can have it sent by Mike in one lot.
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I must more effectively control my purchasing when ordering spares.


yesterday I cut through one bolt as it has seized both in the damper bush and the lower link. That should be simple enough, it's just a 1/2" UNF bolt. 

I searched but could find none of the right size, not even any just half an inch sorter or longer (there's approx 1/2" of the thread showing when tightened).

Today, search ebay for bolts. I found some, 4 1/2" x 1/2 UNF, comes out to ~ £2.50 per bolt if I buy them from that site as it's either singly, a pair or the bulk of three. I search elsewhere and find a couple of supliers and purchase from  Spalding Fasteners. I ended up buying 20 of  4 1/2" x 1/2 "and 20 of 3 1/2" x 1/2". the delivery for the longer ones was going to be just over £10, the delivery for both comes to just under £9 (different courier comes as an option).

So that's £40 of bolts on the way.


I routinely replace nylon locking nuts when removed so at least now I'll not have to bother with cleaning threads on the bolts.

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