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Cold and snowing and I wasn't in the mood

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It's been a hard week at work, both mentally and in terms of volume of things I needed to get done so I was finishing around couple of hours late each night and getting in half to an hour early each morning, that has taken its toll on my enthusiasm this weekend.

I was up and about quite early but went and got a new battery and coil (I had been using the battery form the Elf but returned it for the Elf's MOT test so now seemed the time to get one for this car. I wanted a new coil to replace the one I put on Simon's car recently that was destined for the gold Excel and a new coil ready to go on this car also. I was back from the parts place mid-late morning but the fact it was cold outside and snowing gently really didn't make me want to go outside.

I have managed some progress, the bracket that the fusebox secures to is now itself secured to the car and the fusebox to it. The replacement bonnet pull cable has been threaded into the long run (pig of a job) and made to work. The bonnet latches have been re-shaped as they were forced outwards and back when the previous person had to get the bonnet off by cutting the hinge bolts off (cables cut through). The aluminium casting that the hinge bolt goes into in the bonnet has been re-attached and both bolts replaced. With a few cable adjustments, bracket adjustments etc the bonnet closes, stays closed when a reasonable opening force is applied and opens when the lever is pulled. I'll take that as success.

I was going to move the car into the garage onto the levo-artis ramps but I found what little petrol was in the car 12-15 months ago has evaporated (no surprise looking at the state of the cap seal) and putting 1/2 gallon didn't seem to get enough to have the fuel arrive at the carbs. Maybe I'll get another gallon and find out whether that helps, I hope the tank isn't holed.
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