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LHS rear damper and spring



Just as cold today and it snowed very slightly. Brrrr.
This morning I fitted the replacement rear spring and so fitted the new rear damper full, put the new bottom bolt in and tightened things up. I will have to loosen the bush pinch bolts and tighten correctly under load but that will be once the whole car is on a raised platform so they can be done evenly.

The LHS rear brakes are now fitted, although the calliper is not connected to the hydraulic circuit. For that I need to get the old steel line of and I am not going to lay on freezing cold concrete and put my spinal muscles into spasm (again). As such there are currently two LHS rear callipers on the car, the newly refurbished on that's bolted on and the old one that's hanging by it's flexi hose.

I've removed and refitted the steering wheel boss, having sprayed it black after removing the oxidation. Perhaps I should have got some wrinkle paint, but then I'd have need a way to heat it sufficiently to get it to wrinkle.

I've looked at the passenger door, it's not the hinge as such nor a crack in the beam, the beam has pretty much rotted away where it extends out from the shell, so the replacement one will be going on when I have a crane back her to support the door (plan is to remove the top frame and glass, unbolt the shell from the beam, unbolt the top or bottom hinge bracket from the car, replace the beam with the shell suspended in the air and re-attach to the car body. That may work or not, but it seems no worse than having to replace the beam having the shell on a bench having had to remove the wiring form it.


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