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She starts



I had hoped that the other week when I tried to start it, that it would fire but I'd found no fuel in the carbs so checked the fuel tank and found it empty and I do mean empty not just below the take-off level. The small amount of fuel that had been there had obviously evaporated.

I put fresh fuel in, checked that the shut-off valve was making a noise when powered and tried to get fuel to the carbs. After approx 30 mins of the pump (not an SU) running I found I still had no fuel in the carbs, nor was there fuel to the supply to the carbs (so ruled out blocked float valve. yesterday I checked and had fuel to the pump but none past it. I replaced the (plastic cylindrical) pump with a facet one. Lots of brown (rust) coloured sludge came out of the old pump. By the change in pump noise I could tell it had managed to fill the carbs but alas no fire in the cylinders. I then checked for a spark and couldn't find one. After checking a few things I replaced the coil, still no good and finally traced it to a poor connection on the dissy-amp lead. It was good enough to give some AC volage when I span the dissy by hand but was found to be high resistance. I've found that lead is brittle, so brittle that i had to clear insulation away with a knife and solder good wire to it in order to crimp to it, the old wire just snapped each time. I now have a spark.

With fresh spark plugs (old Bosch ones were wet with fuel), new dissy cap, new rotor arm (non-rivet type), new coil it starts. It's a bit loud having no rear boxes and no air box, it's also a bit metallic as the exhaust pipes are resting on the suspension. This should be OK enough to drive it up the ramp that is in the garage, so I can get decent access.

That is success for the weekend almost met, the definition I set myself was to have it on the ramp, that now means I need to clear away the tools I used yesterday to replace a neighbour's CV join and the other things in the way, winch the car backwards , set the ramp and drive it on.

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Well, I have a bit more work identified as required- the clutch system. Pressing the pedal didn't cause the clutch to disengage but it did cause the pedal to stay pretty close to the floor when released. When pressing the clutch the last couple of inches of movement that remained the slave was moving the push-rod a little so I suspect the master is at fault. It has to be that as the master is the more awkward to get at.


On a positive note, the car started in gear going up an incline (Levo-Artis ramps) and pulled strongly such that it would move forward without throttle. I take that as a sign the engine isn't in bad shape internally.

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