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Not much progress but the wallet will be lighter



I've been laid up with 'flu for a week or so (didn't feel up to working on car sat & Sun, had to work from home yesterday & today as I am worse and couldn't drive in to work). So, I've done nothing physically to the car.
I have just called Mike at Lotusbits and will soon have nearly £900 debited to my credit card. reconditioned cooling rad, reconditioned air con rad, pipes to rad (fittings have changed) and drier. Bushes, ARB mounts, seatbelt mounts and carpet set. In a way it hurts having to order £900 of parts as the car cost me only approx 50% more than that, however the plan is to have a good example and so I'd be paying circa £5k for one that's ready and then not know what is in store for me any time after that. This way I'll get to inspect most parts and replace lots of bits that I'm not happy with, and it should still be way under that cost.


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