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It's cold outside

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I didn't feel like working out in the cold (the interior of the garage is cold and there's not enough room to run the gas blower heater without it facing onto a part of the car or something else that wouldn't react well to heat (like 5l containers of chemicals). On that basis I haven't achieved much in the last few days.
I have removed the front brake pipes and replaced most (need to drill out the LHS flexi from its mount), I still need to make and fix the ones running along and across the subframe.
I had to remove the brake pipe T piece that's on the front subframe upright, so to reattach it I really need access from the damper/spring area. In trying to undo the damper (seized bush/ bolt combo) I pulled the spanner and instead of the bolt breaking free of the bush, the bottom of the damper broke free of the upright tube of the damper. A few mins of work with a reciprocating saw and both front dampers are free of the lower chassis links.
I've also cut off the nuts that secure the body to subframe to ARB mount, in readiness for fitting new poly ARB bushes.

The brake master cylinder reservoir had quite a bit of black rubber dust in the fluid but there are no signs of fluid leak beyond the piston so I've not changed any parts. I forgot to order a 12mmx1mm brass union so I had to re-use the original one in the rear brake bias valve. I also forgot to obtain a female brass joint for the front to rear line, one on order now. I had other choices but decided I'd stick with how it was originally plumbed in that way I am less likely to make a mistake and make a pipe up incorrectly.

The oil bung was seized so had to be sacrificed to get it out, a new one has been obtained with a magnet to help collect any iron particles in future oil changes.

I'm still concerned about the clutch as it doesn't seem that the pedal is moving as far as it should, it took a lot of adjust it to be anywhere near the normal pedal height. Once I get the dash fully out of the car (need to remove gearstick to do that) I'll have a go at checking it and adjusting).

TREs are free to rotate as are the locking nuts so I'll be able to replace the steering gaiters (must get some).

Not a lot of progress but it's all fiddly stuff that is involve din ensuring subsequent tasks are possible.
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