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Seized bolts

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Today the progress has been s.low, very slow.

I found the replacement ball joint covers (couldn't find them last 2 days whilst looking), so I've put replacements on the lower ball joint and TRE, both were OK except they were damaged in the removal process that was necessary for other components.

The bolt at the bottom of the damper was seized and cut off a few days ago, today I found the pivot bolt of the lower link was also seized. Having spent a couple of hours with no success in moving it, I removed the spring, cut back the rubber of the bush and then managed to cut through the inner steel tube of the bush. Once done it enabled the lower link and 2/3 of the bolt to be removed but still took another hour or so to break the head end of the bolt free from the subframe then 30 mins of pushing it out of the subframe using threaded bar and nuts, combined with rotation of the partial bolt.
Thankfully it was 30 mins or so to remove that pivot bush from the link and a few mins to remove the top arm bushes.

Now need the poly pivot and poly upper bushes to arrive and I can reassemble those bits.

I also fitted one steering rack gaiter and secured the brake pipe front T.
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