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1.06.13 Detangled: It seems every car I've bought has been fitted with an aftermarket stereo system and a tangled assortment of wires to power it. Inevitably the stereo has disappeared but the wires remain, much like an archeological remnant waiting for an intrepid restorer to unearth years later.

JPS 010 is no different, I discovered the mother lode behind the bulkhead trim leading into the recesses of the engine bay. After removing the carpet and floorboards it was all stuffed away, defunct in its purpose and ripe for picking. It all came out, power leads, speaker wires, amp's all gone.

What was also revealed was a jumble of vent and vacuum lines that had broken over the years laying disconnected from the vent system. 15 feet of fuelproof 3/16" vacuum line and the system is as good as new and all fuel smells have gone up in air! It also gave me a chance to re-glue trim that had come loose over the years.

With the hatch open myriad chips and scars on the edge of the hatch were revealed. Armed with a bottle of touch up paint and some Langka I set to work touching them up with a rubber glove. Forget carefully putting paint into scratches...just smear it on with your finger protected by the glove. Let dry then hit it with the Langka cream to get rid of the excess to leave a smooth repair ready to polish out.

A French JPS enthusiast contacted me and has JPS decal sets available for purchase. He reproduced them for a Luxembourg based JPS after sourcing the original material and has 2 sets left. Here's a link for his website: [url=""][/url]


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