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Electrical glitches



It went to Stratton Motor Company last week for the ARB mounting bracket recall work. It was misfiring on the way there and the way back, so bad that they didn't take it for a test run for the work, which was fair enough.
The misfire was partially due to the MOT in the winter, to get it to pass the emissions I had to wind the mixture in so much that it ran weak, that was due to a failing (I didn't know that until after I left) AB14. The AB14 failed on the way home form the MOT.

So, last weekend it was time to check the timing, it was approx 1 degree out, which wasn't bad as part of the symptoms of the failing AB14 was the firing to become erratic when warm, so getting to to 11 degrees was chance. Once the timing was corrected, I corrected float heights by approx 1mm, set the mixture to basic and sorted the air bleed so that all venturi were even. It not runs smoothly.

That left me with, fuel gauge not functioning, wipers only parking correctly when on intermittent and the radio having the switched and permanent supplies transposed.
The fuel gauge turned out to be a poor connection from the loom to the gauge, that was despite me getting +12v at the sender unit from the gauge.
After much disassembly and swapping of parts I found the wiper issue to be the park switch, what through me and made me not suspect it was that the wipers parked on intermittent. At least I got to clean the motor out and grease the wiper mechanism.

Now to try and put it all back together, then work on the radio supplies and window switch (one is upside down).


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