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Grrrrr Misfiring, again



It's been misfiring in certain situations for pretty much as long as I've been running it. The other night (why did it coincide with the night I was due to go to a car meet?) it went form partial misfire under acceleration to full missing on one cylinder under any condition.

Spark is good, compression seems good, I've checked for blocked jets and fiddled with the mixture. It's still not right, but that may now be due to a soaked plug while checking out how much the engine speed dips when disconnecting that plug lead.

One possibility is the reluctor in the dissy, the four spikes of that can each give a different signal, so a rusty one / bent one could mean a spark at the incorrect time.

Given up at the moment, so have fitted the driver's door check spring. What a pain of a job with the door one the beam. Couple of hours, but the £1 worth of metal is now in place and the door stays open when required.


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