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Still misfiring



I have found that having enriched no 2 (that's the cylinder than showed little change when the plug was pulled during idle at misfire (so assumed that's the one), the idle misfire goes. I have since found that the misfire had pretty much gone at acceleration also, and gone at constant throttle. It did, however, give a misfire under prolonged idle and acceleration following prolonged idle, as though the plug is becoming flooded.
I think it may be spark related, either strength or timing. Although you'd expect both to be the same across all cylinders, a bit of corrosion on the reluctor could do it. As a result, I'm getting a dissy to swap it out with. I'll also try an new coil.

I cannot try much out on the car as a couple of days ago it sprung a PAS leak which I mistaken thought was the rack (two puddles each approx 6 inches in from the wheels) but having been under the car, dried it off and then been under the car with engine running and steering wheel wiggled I've found it's a poor repair on the PAS supply pipe to the rack. As it's push in connectors and a non-standard pipe to the older style pump, I've ordered new pipes from Lotusbits.

I also traced the exhaust leak, thought it was the flexi, as the car grounds out on some speed bumps but also the pat as I drive into and out of my driveway each day. It seems it was just a nut having come loose that secures the down pipe to the manifold, probably worked loose due to the repeated jarring.

While under the car I also noticed a slight leak of hydraulic fluid on the clutch slave cylinder, so new one ordered, will need to fit before that slight bleeding turns to a leak that's enough to let pressure fail.


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