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Ever since taking the car out of the garage (spring time) I had a misfire, slight at tick-over, fine at full throttle but very pronounced under acceleration, although it went away sometimes. I'd tried carb adjustment, ignition system and finally noticed a correlation between issue and fuel level in the tank (I'd initially though it was fresh fuel made it go the first time).
In the knowledge the issue only became really noticable at 1/2 full tank and got worse until at 1/4 full it was a real PITA, I ordered a new fuel pump. Today I fitted it (Facet type) and despite the car being nearly at 1/4 tank it seems to idle without a misfire, although it may become more smooth once I've re-adjusted the mixture (it must have been slightly over-rich compared to optimum to counter the pump issue).

Now, to get on with other things and possibly go shopping and take the car for a test run.

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Sunday I went for a test run, having been doing other things, I went circa 25 miles to a brewery and back, all fine, no misfire, seems to pick up well when given the big one, and now that it's had fresh weights stuck to the wheels again it wasn't vibrating.

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