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The steering rack

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One of the more difficult things was the overhaul of the steering rack.

I still had the first original Burman-SA steering rack built in. The color was identifiable under the rack bushings as a Ford-blue (RAL 5001). The rack is interchangeable with Ford Capri racks. Later ones were built by Ford or TRW but then painted in black (You need that one with the LONG pinion shaft).

After dismantling I used a small grinder to remove all the rust from the rack. All other parts were sand blasted with a fine corundum sand. This gives a good surface for later paintings.

The other parts needed were easily to find all over the internet. The only difficulty was to find new bearings. Finally I had to clean and reinstall the old bearings.

Helpful for to complete overhaul was [url=""][/url] (German only - Sorry!) But in Fact it was not a big deal the get the parts reassembled and adjusted properly. I didn't use any torque tools for that.

The final result: [attachment=24853:P1040323.JPG] (The pinion shaft was later painted as well.)
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(Sorry, hopefully my bad english is understandable...)

I turned them back on again und messured the torque at the end of the tie rods. When that was fine, I filled the drilling hole with tin-solder. This won't have the same stength but enough to prevent from self-opening. If you can't use the same drillings, then drill a new hole 90° offset.

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