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Overhauling the rear differential

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Another step was overhauling the rear differential. Our Eclat diff is a Salisbury 7HA so if you need any spare parts look for that. It was used in many british cars.

Even though the oil smelled like hot fried cooking oil, the interior was still looking good.

For this time I was not in the mood to do the internal revision by my own. So I brought everything to a specialist nearby and when emptied, I sandblasted the outer hull.

Because the later fit breather in the cover was just not good looking I tooked it out and closed the hole with some welding.

After that, everything got powder coated again. And thereafter I brought it back to the specialist to put back the internal things.

I had now to refit the original breather which was used only on early cars. I found that on [url=""][/url] because I knew that this Salisbury 7HA was used on many other british and some US cars as well.

And that's it...
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