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Lotus Espirit Turbo 1983



Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and would like some advice on my new toy which is a Lotus Espirit turbo 1983, the vehicle has not been driven for a few years & was wondering where and what costs I should be looking to pay to get a full service & cambelt done on the car ?, I am based between surrey/west sussex my local garage is main delaer Bell and colvill anyone had any experience ?, also anything else I need to look our for etc, this is the first time I have owned one and am very excited with the project ahead !!, if anyone can shed any light on if there was a limited edition turbo with the black badges etc the former owner told me so !, any help will be much appreciated ??


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Hi Alex.

Good luck with the TE! This is a great forum, but I think people overlook the blog section for some reason... Go post an introduction on the main forum and you'll get a much bigger response, esp if you post up a pic or two as well.


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